I am one of 3.8 million RNs in the US. That’s a lot. I am a wife, mother to 4 sons, grandmother to two granddaughters and three grand dogs. An until about 30 years ago believed that I could do nothing and now I feel there is nothing I can’t do.

Many nurses feel this way, I think that’s why we are the supportive people we are . I learned that the only thing that held me back was myself. So what makes me so special that I can start blogging about my subject?

About 35 years ago, I took my nursing skills and became one of the first case managers to practice in the United States. It was a time when no one knew what case management was and that was pretty challenging. It gave me a new forum to make a difference in people’s lives. One of the things I learned back then was that “the system” was created to help corporations and insurance companies but not to advocate for the individual. I was just missing the mark on what I wanted to do.

To get to where I wanted to be, in 1998 I started the creation of another new program, IKOR designed to advocate in matters of health and life for the individual. I found that this could help a great many people but particularly in helping seniors and the disabled. From this business model and my experiences I ventured into the world of Aging in Place, Aging Alone, challenging family dynamics, societal dynamics, Professional Guardianship, and Lastly the secret world of predatory behavior or undue influence.

Today I bring more than 25 years of experience and study to this important area of life. I’ve written articles, I’ve given public speeches, I’ve educated professionals both formally and informally and testified in every aspect of legal engagement. But just as important, I’ve grown older and I’m beginning to experience life from the angle that I have so often spoken of. I’ve experienced amazing highs and terrible lows. My experiences our more clear to me today because of that.

I am passionate about bringing the best quality of life and dignity to seniors and the disabled. I’m passionate about giving this group of often unheard individuals a voice. To let the world know that they have the capability of making choices.

My posts are going to be my stories and my perspective. Hopefully they will enlighten you. they may even give you a new perspective not just on your family members or friends but think a bit more deeply about what you want for yourselves and how are you going to make that happen.