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20 years as an expert for both sides in depositions, mediation,
non-jury and jury trials and hearings.

Advocating for the best medical and life care possible, for our population who has no voice in either. In providing advocacy, her role often does contain resolution within the courts, within the form of expert testimony. In furthering her role of safety, she also has developed software and hardware to assist her clients.

Dr. Maisano also has produced several products for the safety of these same people, and others who might benefit from them, among these products is the patented HALO® watch.

Dr. Maisano provides expert testimony for both Plaintiff and Defense, Nationally. Her focus is targeted to those individuals in our society who often do not have a voice in their care or well-being. Among these individuals are Seniors, Children born with catastrophic injury of all types, those with physical and intellectual disabilities, and mental health challenges.